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Thank you to the following donors, who have made memorial contributions to the Saint Francis Foundation in honor of the noted individuals:

Donor:In Memory Of:
Premier DevelopmentArthur Edward Goldberger
Dr. Karlyle K. Christian-Ritter and Mr. John RyanAshley Shaw
BeltlineAudrey Claire Courtney
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald M. RichmondBeverly Richmond
Matt and Danielle M. TorbetChris Liley
Thomas and Tandra AllenCloyd Cook
Arvel and Vivian GreenCloyd Cook
MO Epsilon Epsilon-Beta Sigma PhiCloyd Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Tony BalsanoDennis Marchi
Dr. and Mrs. James H. Bollinger, Jr.Dennis Marchi
Mr. and Mrs. Dan A. BraseDennis Marchi
Gary and Eunice BroomeDennis Marchi
Mr. Rickey E. CrumpDennis Marchi
Shelly DeLaRosaDennis Marchi
Karen DierkingDennis Marchi
Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. EdwardsDennis Marchi
Mr. & Mrs. Blake EsicarDennis Marchi
Bill and Jeannette FadlerDennis Marchi
Mr. and Mrs. Doug GroesbeckDennis Marchi
Mr. and Mrs. Dale HaskellDennis Marchi
Douglas and Elizabeth HilemanDennis Marchi
Mr. and Mrs. Keith JonesDennis Marchi
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. KavermanDennis Marchi
Mrs. Dori A. LageDennis Marchi
Mr. and Mrs. Stan LaurentiusDennis Marchi
Ronald P. LessmannDennis Marchi
James and Marjorie MainDennis Marchi
Albertha MarchiDennis Marchi
John and Mary Jane MayfieldDennis Marchi
Mr. and Mrs. Jack MehnerDennis Marchi
Frank MillerDennis Marchi
Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. PancoastDennis Marchi
Bill and Betsy PickensDennis Marchi
Mr. Harry E. RedigerDennis Marchi
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Schell, IIDennis Marchi
The Honorable and Mrs. William L. Syler, Jr.Dennis Marchi
Dr. and Mrs. Michael C. TruebloodDennis Marchi
Mr. and Mrs. Rock WilferthDennis Marchi
Mrs. Marie WrenDennis Marchi
John ZimmerDennis Marchi
Mary Jane Burgers and BrewDennis Marchi
Southeast Missouri State UniversityDennis Marchi
Cape Girardeau Area Chamber Of CommerceDennis Marchi
AnonymousDennis Marchi
LaCroix Small GroupDennis Marchi
Richard AllgoodDorothy Axelson
Eddie and Nancy DossDorothy Axelson
Brad and Sharon EggimannDorothy Axelson
Mr. and Mrs. Ken W. Green, Jr.Dorothy Axelson
Madge RidingsDorothy Axelson
James WaltzDorothy Axelson
Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. EdwardsDr. Raymond Ritter Jr.
Mr. Daniel ElkinsDr. Raymond Ritter Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon W. EllerDr. Raymond Ritter Jr.
Walter J. FordDr. Raymond Ritter Jr.
Marilyn K. HutteggerDr. Raymond Ritter Jr.
Mrs. Kilja C. IsraelDr. Raymond Ritter Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Richard KiesDr. Raymond Ritter Jr.
Mary Ann LamannaDr. Raymond Ritter Jr.
Dr. Bill and Dr. Brenda LangdonDr. Raymond Ritter Jr.
Vicky McDowellDr. Raymond Ritter Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. PancoastDr. Raymond Ritter Jr.
Michael and Michelle PriceDr. Raymond Ritter Jr.
Larry PutsavageDr. Raymond Ritter Jr.
Mr. Harry E. RedigerDr. Raymond Ritter Jr.
Eric & Elizabeth ReitzDr. Raymond Ritter Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Ritter, Jr.Dr. Raymond Ritter Jr.
Bernice SmithDr. Raymond Ritter Jr.
Richard & Julie SteeleDr. Raymond Ritter Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. StoneDr. Raymond Ritter Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Reg SwanDr. Raymond Ritter Jr.
Dr. Philip W. TaylorDr. Raymond Ritter Jr.
Verna TidwellDr. Raymond Ritter Jr.
Ms. Betsy VincentDr. Raymond Ritter Jr.
Berward WenningerDr. Raymond Ritter Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Rock WilferthDr. Raymond Ritter Jr.
Mrs. Marie WrenDr. Raymond Ritter Jr.
AnonymousDr. Raymond Ritter Jr.
Bob and Nan BeussinkEllen Hartenberger
Mrs. Sherron AlexanderHannah Todt
Tracey ArmstrongHannah Todt
Lela AdamsJack Dale Herron
Dean and Frances AllisonJack Dale Herron
David E. BertrandJack Dale Herron
Tom and Rebecca BirdgeJack Dale Herron
Mark and Mary CraderJack Dale Herron
K.M. and Joyce EldridgeJack Dale Herron
Ms. Janet HerronJack Dale Herron
Jerry HoldenJack Dale Herron
Susan JusticeJack Dale Herron
Vince and Patricia KasiarJack Dale Herron
Judith A. LovelletteJack Dale Herron
Randy I. and Judy L. McLainJack Dale Herron
Luther and Kay PerryJack Dale Herron
Jim and Caraline SalzmanJack Dale Herron
Thomas SchnurbuschJack Dale Herron
Beth SpriheJack Dale Herron
Montgomery BankJack Dale Herron
AnonymousJack Dale Herron
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Ritter, Jr.Jerry Schlegal
Anton and Denise EssnerJim Stone
Martin and Billie HauptJim Stone
Jeffrey A. OwenJim Stone
Charles and Judith SeabaughJim Stone
Mr. William P. Seiler and familyJim Stone
Margaret StoneJim Stone
Patty S. TurnerJim Stone
Gary WhitledgeJim Stone
AnonymousJim Stone
AnonymousJim Stone
Concord Publishing House, Inc.Jim Stone
Layla SnipesJim Terrell
Layla SnipesJim Terrell
Layla SnipesJim Terrell
Layla SnipesJim Terrell
Layla SnipesJim Terrell
Layla SnipesJim Terrell
Mr. & Mrs. Reg SwanJoe Anders
Sandra HoffmanJoe Minter
Sandra HoffmanKathleen Winchester
La Donia F. BeggsKenneth Merideth
Martial BurguieresKenneth Merideth
Terry H. IrwinKenneth Merideth
Ron and Kathy KeithKenneth Merideth
Ms. Cheryl A. Mothes and Mr. Richard L. HetzelKenneth Merideth
Art VanKenneth Merideth
Carolyn BockLeone Proffer
Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. EdwardsLeone Proffer
Sue B. HuntLeone Proffer
Dr. and Mrs. Richard KiesLeone Proffer
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy LeGrandLeone Proffer
Mr. and Mrs. James P. LimbaughLeone Proffer
Tyler and Laura PropstLeone Proffer
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. StoneLeone Proffer
Matt and Danielle M. TorbetLeone Proffer
Dr. and Mrs. Michael C. TruebloodLeone Proffer
Mrs. Marie WrenLeone Proffer
Bill and Jeannette FadlerLinda Rapp
Hugo G. DippoldLorna Dreyer
M.Y.HesselLorna Dreyer
Ruth K. IllersLorna Dreyer
Craig and Lynda WilsonLorna Dreyer
David and Kathy AnthonyLouie King
Carol CrockerLouie King
Mr. and Mrs. Donald HeissererLouie King
Jim SaffelsLouie King
Steve and Susan SeniaLouie King
Kate SeniaLouie King
Lawrence WalshLouie King
Floyd and Cathy YarbroLouie King
Mrs. Edna M. YarbroLouie King
Donna YarbroLouie King
Magnitude 7 Metals, LLCLyam Wyatt Fitzgerald
Mr. James BankenMike McKinnis
Dr. Ann E. Behrend-UhlsMike McKinnis
Barbara BlanchardMike McKinnis
Melvin CargleMike McKinnis
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle A. DavisMike McKinnis
Timothy DoddMike McKinnis
Mike EdwardsMike McKinnis
Walter J. FordMike McKinnis
William GoscheMike McKinnis
Harold and Jeanine HagerMike McKinnis
Mr. J. Percy Huston, IVMike McKinnis
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry L. KinderMike McKinnis
Steven LeusMike McKinnis
Susan LewisMike McKinnis
David and Lisa LimbaughMike McKinnis
George and Rebecca MillerMike McKinnis
Mr. and Mrs. Joel NeikirkMike McKinnis
Mr. and Mrs. Scott RhodesMike McKinnis
Mr. and Mrs. Gary RustMike McKinnis
Rex RustMike McKinnis
Dana SchwiegerMike McKinnis
Carolyn SchwiegerMike McKinnis
Kevin and Lisa SeabaughMike McKinnis
Scott ShivelbineMike McKinnis
Mr. & Mrs. Reg SwanMike McKinnis
Dennis and Ruth TewMike McKinnis
Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy WilferthMike McKinnis
Jerry and Amy WolseyMike McKinnis
VFW Post 3838 AuxiliaryMike McKinnis
La Croix United Methodist ChurchMike McKinnis
American Legion Post No. 63Mike McKinnis
Ford GrovesMike McKinnis
MedStop One Inc.Mike McKinnis
Buzzi UnicemMike McKinnis
United Steel Workers Local 00165Mike McKinnis
Arlene JamesMilton James
Joseph and Teresa PaikedayMr. and Mrs. P.C. Anthony
Mrs. Shelly HartleinNancy Ponder
Mr. Mike PonderNancy Ponder
Harry and Jacqueline AbbottNancy Sides
Mr. and Mrs. Dan A. BraseNancy Sides
Dr. Rusty and Mrs. Marilyn CurtisNancy Sides
Steven and Christy HessNancy Sides
Mr. and Mrs. Stan LaurentiusNancy Sides
Cheri Huckstep ReedNancy Sides
Mr. and Mrs. Scott SlinkardNancy Sides
Weldon and Mary ValleroyNancy Sides
Mike and Viki WebbNancy Sides
Midas HospitalityNancy Sides
J. Scott and Erin SimpsonPaul F. Harris
Mary BumpusPaul Farris
Rodney and Joanna DunnPaul Farris
Ms. Michelle L. GerardPaul Farris
Ms. Michelle L. GerardPaul Farris
Ms. Linda L. KochPaul Farris
Kenton and Brenda MartinPaul Farris
The Honorable and Mrs. William L. Syler, Jr.Paul Farris
Mrs. Betty Lou VogelPaul Farris
Tim YoungPaul Farris
Lynwood Baptist ChurchPaul Farris
Gary and Vera AdamsPhyllis Trankler
Larry and Lucy BrindleyPhyllis Trankler
Phillip and Mary BucherPhyllis Trankler
Walkenhorst Hauling LLCPhyllis Trankler
AnonymousPhyllis Trankler
Supaporn HillPratinrat Saysanan M.R.
Inpatient PharmacyPun Yu Chun
James and Cherri LockRandall Ramsey
David and Nancy MinnickRandall Ramsey
Dr. and Mrs. SwingerRandall Ramsey
Richard and Pamela YostRandall Ramsey
Joe and Sasha GrojeanRichard Deimund
Terry and Chiquita RapertRichard Deimund
Pat GeringerRichard Geringer
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy LeGrandRon Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel NewcomerRon Parker
Tyler and Laura PropstRon Parker
Matt and Danielle M. TorbetRon Parker
Ms. Vereline D. JohnsonStephen "Bubby" Ritter
Mr. and Mrs. Eric BandaThea Marie Litchfield
Christine GoodmanThea Marie Litchfield
Noah and Phyllis NeaceThea Marie Litchfield
David ReevesThea Marie Litchfield
HAVCO Wood Products, LLCThea Marie Litchfield
Col. G. Bruce and Susan EvelandWanda Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Victor A. HeissererWanda Schwartz
Burley and Leslie McIntyreWanda Schwartz
Timothy & Elizabeth McIntyreWanda Schwartz
Mrs. Kilja C. IsraelZeta Felter