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Sister Esther Emergency Fund

On July 5, 2011, Jason Kromminga, a long-haul truck driver and Texas native, was riding in the passenger seat of a rig when it left the road, slipped down an embankment and caught fire.

Scraped, bruised and suffering from a broken ankle, Jason somehow managed to climb out the window to safety. Thankful to be alive, he watched flames engulf the truck, sending his eyeglasses, cell phone, wallet and clothes up in smoke.

While recovering from his injuries at Saint Francis Medical Center, Jason soon realized he was far from home, had lost almost everything and could not count on his employer for help. Fortunately, Saint Francis Foundation stepped in to help. Through the Sister Esther Emergency Fund, Jason was able to get new clothes, shoes and money for meals to help him safely return home.

Since 1978, the Sister Esther Emergency Fund has helped patients like Jason and their families with transportation, clothing, warm meals and overnight lodging due to unforeseen circumstances. The fund honors the late Sister Mary Esther Coffey, a long-time Saint Francis nurse who dedicated her life to providing comfort and hope to patients during times of fear and despair.

Sister Esther’s faith was abundant, and she shared her generosity and joy with all who knew her.

Jason was so amazed with the wonderfully generous care he received during his unexpected stay at Saint Francis that he now plans to donate to the fund to help others in similar predicaments.

“The people at Saint Francis were more than just lifesavers, they were a blessing,” he says. “I pray for these people every day.”