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Our Impact

All proceeds from the Gala directly benefit Saint Francis Healthcare System’s CancerCare and CardiacCare patient funds:

2020 CancerCare and CardiacCare Funds Benefits
Over the past 4 years, $769,499 from the CancerCare and CardiacCare funds have helped 10,577 patients.


The CancerCare fund helps cancer patients in need with essential services and supplies they cannot afford such as nutritional supplements, medicine, transportation, lodging and more. It also provides lung cancer screenings free of charge and beneficial supportive services such as occupational, physical and speech therapy.


The CardiacCare fund provides assistance with cardiac rehabilitation and other necessary sevices and equipment for those patients who cannot afford them. This fund assists high-risk, un- and underinsured patients with follow-up cardiologist visits and provides needed supplies and equipment to patients in need to maintain their heart health.

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