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Thank you to the following donors, who have made tributes to the Saint Francis Foundation in honor of the noted individuals:

In Memory / Honor Of:Donor(s):
BJ AdamsCharles and Debra Petty
Joe AndersMr. & Mrs. Reg Swan
Mr. and Mrs. P.C. AnthonyJoseph and Teresa Paikeday
Dorothy AxelsonRichard Allgood
Eddie and Nancy Doss
Brad and Sharon Eggimann
Mr. and Mrs. Ken W. Green, Jr.
Madge Ridings
James Waltz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. BaslerAugust & Angeline Basler, Charles and Freda Carron
David BeckLois and Douglas Arnzen
Fayetteville Boys Basketball
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy LeGrand
Safeway Logistics
Dr. and Mrs. David G. Yingling
Dr. Michael BennettMr. and Mrs. Timothy LeGrand
Dr. Joe Blanton
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy LeGrand
Mr. & Mrs. Bill BohnertJeffrey Bohnert
Mr. and Mrs. Dan A. BraseDean Scott
Mary Lou BridgesTommy and Karen Betts
Rodney and Dimple Bridges
Rodney and Dimple Bridges
Robert and Joyce Hood
Joann Keller
William and Julie Palmer
Randy BrownStockade Construction Co.
Pun Yu ChunInpatient Pharmacy
Cloyd CookThomas and Tandra Allen
Arvel and Vivian Green
MO Epsilon Epsilon-Beta Sigma Phi
Audrey Claire CourtneyBeltline
COVID-19 Vaccine ReceivedKathy Marchi
John Robert CraigMr. and Mrs. Dan A. Brase
Andrea Craig
Kathryn Hannaford
Kathy & John Herx
Mrs. Judy Kuhlmann
Paul and Mary Langston
Joshua and Brittney Lee
Rita Craig Lippert
The Michael Family
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Steffens
Mark Thompson
Timothy and Rachel Wencewicz
Tom and Dottie Wencewicz
Jeff and Amy Worley
Jamie CrowellLillian Ford
Barbara Hanscom
Don and Ann Mowery
Lucian and Molly Zielinski
Michael and Sarah Zolezzi
Violet DavisShelby Hediger
Richard DeimundJoe and Sasha Grojean
Terry and Chiquita Rapert
John and Lisa DowdYvonne Patterson
Lorna DreyerHugo G. Dippold
M.Y. Hessel
Ruth K. Illers
Craig and Lynda Wilson
Jim EakinHarriett A. George
EdwinL. Fritz Sander Jr.
Dr. Gordon EllerDr. and Mrs. Michael C. Trueblood
Edwin EltzrothFrank Miller
Jason EmersonWalter H. and Kathleen Emerson
Patricia FarrarDr. and Mrs. Kirk Bowman, Jr.
Nadine and Barry D. Davis
Mrs. Lula E. DeFelice
Mr. and Mrs. David Diveley
James M. Essner
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin G. Greaser
Marjory Janssen
Diane Kelpe
Ms. Mary C. Obergoenner
Ms. Anna M. Smith
Bill Stanfield
Paul FarrisMary Bumpus
Rodney and Joanna Dunn
Ms. Michelle L. Gerard
Ms. Linda L. Koch
Lynwood Baptist Church
Kenton and Brenda Martin
The Honorable and Mrs. William L. Syler, Jr.
Mrs. Betty Lou Vogel
Tim Young
Zeta FelterMrs. Kilja C. Israel
Lyam Wyatt FitzgeraldMagnitude 7 Metals, LLC
Carey FrazierMr. and Mrs. Ryan Bandermann
Ms. Darline Brown
Danny and Carla Crump
Ms. Tammy Deimund
Dan and Mary Jane Fieser
Laurie Fitzgerald
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Floyd
Ms. Cheryl Fortner
Mrs. Barbara Mueller and Mr. Cody H. Fulkerson
Virginia Ginithan
Derek Knight
Sharon Leonard
Kelly McCullough
Britt and Sarah Mirgaux
Mrs. Barbara Mueller and Mr. Cody H. Fulkerson
Daniel and Lisa Newcomer
Performance Improvement Department
Debbie Phillips
B. Dean and Sally Scott
Debbie Sexton
Mrs. Christy L. Shawan
Peggy J. Slinkard
Debby and Scott Sprandel
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Stagner
Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Steffens
Bob and Lori Sturgill
Matt and Danielle Torbet
Jennifer Wallis
Jimmy and Chrisy Wilferth
Scott and Marie Wren
Jacqueline GearyPatricia Ann Theresa Rosanna
Louis GeldmacherKathryn Bender
Diane Maurer
Richard GeringerPat Geringer
Arthur Edward GoldbergerPremier Development
Wilma Jean GoveroMr. and Mrs. Rock Wilferth
Herbert and Judy GreatzMr. Kevin Bullock
Sandra GrebingHilda Grebing
Jerry HalterDr. and Mrs. Kennett D. Asher, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Bohnert
Laurie Fitzgerald
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Irwin
Catherine L. Kapfer
William and Jane Klobe
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Ogburn
Ms. Maryann Reese
Norman and Janet Robert
Craig and Ann Schnurbusch
St Vincent De Paul Parish
St. Vincent DePaul Society
Anne and J. Pat Tlapek
Ms. Jennifer Wallis
Lester and Patricia Wells
Mr. and Mrs. Rock Wilferth
Paul F. HarrisJ. Scott and Erin Simpson
Ellen HartenbergerBob and Nan Beussink
Sandra HeineDean Scott
Dr. Charles Herbert Jr.Delwood and Patricia Collins
Marjory L. Janssen
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Kelley
Dr. Raymond A. and Ann W. Ritter, Jr.
Jack Dale HerronLela Adams
Dean and Frances Allison
David E. Bertrand
Tom and Rebecca Birdge
Mark and Mary Crader
K.M. and Joyce Eldridge
Ms. Janet Herron
Jerry Holden
Susan Justice
Vince and Patricia Kasiar
Judith A. Lovellette
Randy I. and Judy L. McLain
Montgomery Bank
Luther and Kay Perry
Jim and Caraline Salzman
Thomas Schnurbusch
Beth Sprihe
Ella Mae HoellerRock and Judy Wilferth
Jerlene HuttegerBaker Implement Company
Robert & Barbara Denton
Randol and Marlene Morris
Sue Sewing
James and Jaci Shank
Mrs. Kilja C. IsraelSister Jane Kieffer and Sister Maureen Eftink
Milton JamesArlene James
Brian JanninZeno and Faye Amschler
Michelle and Bob Clifton
Bob and Wanda Courtois
Gary and Linda
Michael and Diane Higgins
Lucille Jannin
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Jannin
Jay and Paula
Linda and Gary
Nick and Joan Mayberry
Joseph R. Prokopf
Judy Stamp
Mary JohnsonMs. Alice Jenkins
Louie KingDavid and Kathy Anthony
Carol Crocker
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Heisserer
Jim Saffels
Steve and Susan Senia
Kate Senia
Lawrence Walsh
Floyd and Cathy Yarbro
Mrs. Edna M. Yarbro
Donna Yarbro
Tom KorabMr. and Mrs. Bill Crowell
Mrs. Dori A. LageMicky Roper & Wilma Govero
Jim LawrenceTim and Christy LeGrand
Tyler and Laura Propst
Matt and Danielle Torbet
Cleatus Glenn LemmonsMr. & Mrs. Reg Swan
Chris LileyMatt and Danielle M. Torbet
Thea Marie LitchfieldMr. and Mrs. Eric Banda
Christine Goodman
HAVCO Wood Products, LLC
Noah and Phyllis Neace
David Reeves
Ronald LohmannOliver and Mary Groseclose
Mr. Gene R. MagnusLori Sturgill – from Division 6000
Dennis MarchiAnonymous
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Balsano
Dr. and Mrs. James H. Bollinger, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan A. Brase
Gary and Eunice Broome
Cape Girardeau Area Chamber Of Commerce
Mr. Rickey E. Crump
Shelly DeLaRosa
Karen Dierking
Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. Edwards
Mr. & Mrs. Blake Esicar
Bill and Jeannette Fadler
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Groesbeck
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Haskell
Douglas and Elizabeth Hileman
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Kaverman
LaCroix Small Group
Mrs. Dori A. Lage
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Laurentius
Ronald P. Lessmann
James and Marjorie Main
Albertha Marchi
Mary Jane Burgers and Brew
John and Mary Jane Mayfield
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mehner
Frank Miller
Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Pancoast
Bill and Betsy Pickens
Mr. Harry E. Rediger
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Schell, II
Southeast Missouri State University
The Honorable and Mrs. William L. Syler, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Michael C. Trueblood
Mr. and Mrs. Rock Wilferth
Mrs. Marie Wren
John Zimmer
Mike McKinnisAmerican Legion Post No. 63
Mr. James Banken
Dr. Ann E. Behrend-Uhls
Barbara Blanchard
Buzzi Unicem
Melvin Cargle
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle A. Davis
Timothy Dodd
Mike Edwards
Walter J. Ford
Ford Groves
William Gosche
Harold and Jeanine Hager
Mr. J. Percy Huston, IV
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Kinder
La Croix United Methodist Church
Steven Leus
Susan Lewis
David and Lisa Limbaugh
MedStop One Inc.
George and Rebecca Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Neikirk
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Rhodes
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Rust
Rex Rust
Dana Schwieger
Carolyn Schwieger
Kevin and Lisa Seabaugh
Scott Shivelbine
Mr. & Mrs. Reg Swan
Dennis and Ruth Tew
United Steel Workers Local 00165
VFW Post 3838 Auxiliary
Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Wilferth
Jerry and Amy Wolsey
Beulah Lucille McNailFirst Baptist Church
Kenneth MeridethArt Van
La Donia F. Beggs
Martial Burguieres
Ms. Cheryl A. Mothes and Mr. Richard L. Hetzel
Terry H. Irwin
Ron and Kathy Keith
Merrill Lynch Consulting ServicesMaryann Reese
Joe MinterSandra Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel NewcomerEugene & Patricia Huttegger
Dr. Tom Otto Dr. and Mrs. Michael C. Trueblood
Don OzbunMr. & Mrs. Blake Esicar
Bonny ParkerDean Scott
Ron ParkerMr. and Mrs. Timothy LeGrand
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Newcomer
Tyler and Laura Propst
Matt and Danielle M. Torbet
Vivian PettyStephen and Gwendolyn P. Crowe
Nancy PonderMrs. Shelly Hartlein
Mr. Mike Ponder
Leone ProfferCarolyn Bock
Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. Edwards
Sue B. Hunt
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Kies
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy LeGrand
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Limbaugh
Tyler and Laura Propst
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Stone
Matt and Danielle M. Torbet
Dr. and Mrs. Michael C. Trueblood
Mrs. Marie Wren
Stella ProstWayne and Janette Bohnert
Laurie Murray
Marsha Parrish
Mary Prost
Marie E. Todd
Randall RamseyJames and Cherri Lock
David and Nancy Minnick
Dr. and Mrs. Swinger
Richard and Pamela Yost
Rev. Wayne RandolAnita Dickerson & Family
Martin and Betty M. Roth
Mr. Bob Smithey
Deius and Dana Townsend
Linda RappBill and Jeannette Fadler
Maryann ReeseMerrill Lynch Consulting Services
Beverly RichmondDr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Richmond
Rick’s Electric IncorporatedJason & Leigh Ann Siener
Dr. Raymond Ritter Jr.Anonymous
Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. Edwards
Mr. Daniel Elkins
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon W. Eller
Walter J. Ford
Marilyn K. Huttegger
Mrs. Kilja C. Israel
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Kies
Mary Ann Lamanna
Dr. Bill and Dr. Brenda Langdon
Vicky McDowell
Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Pancoast
Michael and Michelle Price
Larry Putsavage
Mr. Harry E. Rediger
Eric & Elizabeth Reitz
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Ritter, Jr.
Bernice Smith
Richard & Julie Steele
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Stone
Mr. & Mrs. Reg Swan
Dr. Philip W. Taylor
Verna Tidwell
Dr. and Mrs. Michael C. Trueblood
Ms. Betsy Vincent
Berward Wenninger
Mr. and Mrs. Rock Wilferth
Mrs. Marie Wren
Stephen “Bubby” RitterMs. Vereline D. Johnson
Lloyd RobertsMrs. Harriett A. George
Lynwood Baptist Church
Mick RoperMr. and Mrs. Daniel Newcomer
Dr. and Mrs. Michael C. Trueblood
Patricia Ann Theresa (Bruce) RosannaJulie Fortune
Saint Francis Performance ImprovementMs. Stephanie LaPierre
Don SanderJames and Debra Lee
Jack and Mary Anne Martin
Richard and Jane McDowell
Oakledge Dental Studio
Paul and Leola Scholl
Carol and Thomas C. Sparkman
James and Ruth Timberlake
Pratinrat Saysanan M.R.Supaporn Hill
Jerry SchlegalDr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Ritter, Jr.
Harold SchnurbuschMs. Laramie A. Bryant
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Heisserer
Terry and Mildred Hinkle
William E. and Peggy S. Klipfel
Larry and Gloria Masters
Richard and Ruth Winkler
Wanda SchwartzCol. G. Bruce and Susan Eveland
Mr. and Mrs. Victor A. Heisserer
Burley and Leslie McIntyre
Timothy & Elizabeth McIntyre
Ms. Debbie SextonJohn Sexton
John SextonMs. Debbie Sexton
Ashley ShawDr. Karlyle K. Christian-Ritter and Mr. John Ryan
Nancy SidesHarry and Jacqueline Abbott
Mr. and Mrs. Dan A. Brase
Dr. Rusty and Mrs. Marilyn Curtis
Steven and Christy Hess
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Laurentius
Midas Hospitality
Cheri Huckstep Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Slinkard
Weldon and Mary Valleroy
Mike and Viki Webb
Ann SlusherMr. & Mrs. Timothy LeGrand
Melvin SteinnerdMs. Peggy J. Slinkard
Jim StoneAnonymous
Concord Publishing House, Inc.
Anton and Denise Essner
Martin and Billie Haupt
Jeffrey A. Owen
Charles and Judith Seabaugh
Mr. William P. Seiler and family
Margaret Stone
Patty S. Turner
Gary Whitledge
Stephanie Stone ZimmermanMr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Stone
Jim TerrellLayla Snipes
Hannah TodtMrs. Sherron Alexander
Tracey Armstrong
Phyllis TranklerGary and Vera Adams
Larry and Lucy Brindley
Phillip and Mary Bucher
Walkenhorst Hauling LLC
Virginia Mae WalterDeWayne and Susan Birk
Mr. Kenny Dirnberger
ERB Equipment Company
Mrs. Martha J. Hamm
Dennis and Linda Nagel
Francis and Peggy Nenninger
Leigh Ann White and Stephanie LaPierreMr. and Mrs. Gary C. Steffens
Marilyn WiggsArt Van
Susan Dodd
Daniel and Brenda Fitter
Lee and Barbara Meyer
Tim & Melinda O’Shea
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Reinagel
Blake and Sandra Rundell
Tracy Witte
James Alvin WilkeningDaniel and Lisa Newcomer
Evelyn WilleSteve and Becky Wachter
Kathleen WinchesterSandra Hoffman
Flora WisemanLoomis and Olline Brown
James and Paula Hope
Judy and Paula Marshall
Ms. Leda McFarland
Premium Mechanical and Automation, Inc.
Lillian J. WynneRoss and Marlena Conner