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Your Checklist for Your Assets

Student sitting at desk in lecture hallThe Saint Francis Healthcare System Foundation team is hearing from those who attended our free planned giving seminar in May. The event really got them thinking about planning for the future protection of their assets. Some are finding that gathering information to begin the discussion is a challenging next step.

Creating a checklist that helps track action steps toward the ultimate goal of leaving more for family and charitable organizations is a good place to start. The Foundation has created a convenient online form you can fill out by clicking here. The form helps you begin a discussion around the questions, “Am I ready? If something happened to me today, how would that affect my family?”
This checklist builds upon the information presented in the seminar regarding tax laws and how to avoid the potential pitfalls of failing to plan. However, it is not necessary to have attended the seminar to benefit from the checklist.

Your planned giving efforts should begin with professional assistance to properly list an eligible charity such as Saint Francis Healthcare System Foundation as the beneficiary for all or a portion of significant assets, such as life insurance policies, individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and other resources.

After completing the online checklist, contact your attorney to ensure you have the pieces in place to carry out your wishes. We would be happy to help with a referral to professionals not affiliated with Saint Francis if you believe you need a plan and are interested in naming Saint Francis Healthcare System Foundation as a beneficiary.

For more information about planned giving, please contact the
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